Who is Eddys Velasquez?

About Eddys Velasquez

Eddys Velasquez is the founder of Brain Bank Media LLC. His company does marketing consulting for and/or generates leads for 6, 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses in a variety of verticals all across the globe including the U.S., Latin American & European markets.

-He was the first employee of a business that grew from $0 to $3M in its first year which taught him some very valuable business lessons on how to grow a company using proven marketing strategies.

-Eddys then took the lessons learned while working there to help an online sports training company double their revenue from $77k to $155k in one year, and then double again from $155k to just over $300k the following year by implementing simple yet effective marketing strategies.

One of the marketing pieces Eddys wrote for them produced well over $25k during the initial 14 day launch period of a $49 product and recently the business owner has told us that the marketing piece has now gone on to make over $1M in sales to date.

-Eddys has coached over 2,000+ business owners through the Ask Method® (created by Ryan Levesque from The ASK Method Company), one of the most current and effective online marketing strategies today.

-Eddys has generated well over 50,000+ leads/phone calls and counting for 6, 7, 8 and 9 figure businesses in several different verticals like debt consolidation, credit repair, solar energy and others.