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Daily Run Progress Log – Week of 04/10/2017 – 04/15/2017

So on Monday 04/10/2017 I decided to try something new.

For the last I don’t remember how many years now…

I’ve said that “I hate running”.

However I’ve reached a point where I sit on my ass too long while working, I’ve gained some weight and it’s time to get back into shape.

So as an experiment instead of just saying “my goal is to lose x lbs” I’m going to put all my focus into the process instead of the end result.

The goal will be to improve my structure & discipline so that I make the process of getting and staying in shape, a habit.

So to start, every day of the week, I will be jogging/running 2 laps (800M) around the track, some days I might do sprints, but for the most part I will start off by running 2 laps.

I will be logging my stats in a post like this and publicly sharing them, mainly for myself so that I can keep track of my progress but if this motivates others to do the same, so be it.

Here is my progress for the week:

Monday 04/10/2017

Time for Lap 1: 2:22.93
Time for Lap 2: 2:33.05

Total time: 4:55.98

Notes:  I walked the 3rd lap, so ignore the time on that one.  Today was my first day, was extremely tired and out of breath after just the first lap.  Threw up on the way back to the car.  Was gross but I was kind of expecting that for the first day.

Tuesday 04/11/2017

Time for Lap 1: 2:21.34  -1.59
Time for Lap 2: 2:30.02 -3.03

Total time: 4:51.36 -4.62

Notes:  I walked the 3rd lap, so ignore the time on that one.  Today I was still out of breath but not as bad as yesterday.  I got through the first lap just fine and the 2nd lap was a bit tougher but made it all the way without stopping to walk.  Ran it almost 5 seconds faster than yesterday and the good news is that I did not throw up this time!

Wednesday 04/12/2017

I did not make it out to the track today.

Notes:  My excuse today was that I went to sleep late, woke up late and got busy with work.  I could have ran in the evening but didn’t.  Will get back on track tomorrow morning.

Thursday 04/13/2017

Time for Lap 1: 2:22.85 +1.51
Time for Lap 2: 2:26.76 -3.26

Total time: 4:49.62 -1.74

Notes:  Today, even though I missed yesterday, the 2 laps were a bit easier.  Still got tired and out of breath near the end but I can definitely feel like it got a bit easier.  Will not push to get much faster yet until I can comfortably do these 2 laps without much trouble.

Friday 04/14/2017

Time for Lap 1: 2:18.19 -4.66
Time for Lap 2: 2:23.55 -3.21

Total time: 4:41.74   -7.87

Notes:  Woke up late today and went to run a bit later when it was more sunny and even though it was hotter still managed to do a bit better than the day before.  I’ll need to look up how to breathe while running.  So far I’ve been breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth.

Saturday 04/15/2017

Time for Lap 1: 2:12.93  -5.26
Time for Lap 2: 2:24.44 +0.89

Total time: 4:37.37  -4.37

Notes:  I almost didn’t make it today as I was telling myself that maybe I should only do this Monday-Friday but I went anyway.  Also, I’m not sure why my phone is showing 4:37.38 but when I add up my lap times I get 4:37.37.  Maybe my phone is rounding something up?

End of Week Progress


Avg Time for Lap 1: 2:19.648
Avg Time for Lap 2: 2:24.84

Avg Total Time: 4:47.864

Notes:  The first week went great.  Only missed one day and looking forward to next week’s progress!

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